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Today the whole world is functioning through machinery. All the activities of a person are
being done through the work of machinery. Whether the work is small or big, the use of
machinery had made the work of the people very easy. One such machinery is excavator. All
the construction work, demolition work and various other industrial works are done through
the use of excavators. With this view the excavator market in India is mushrooming very
drastically. India is a country where industrial growth is very fast. In almost all the cities the
excavators market in India is located. So the use and demand of excavator is also very high.


The excavator market in India sells the excavators of high quality.
Excavator is machinery that contains a boom, a bucket and a cab. But these parts of
excavators have now been replaced by new standard parts. The excavators market in India
now deals with the equipments that are of more standard quality. In the very recent years the
expansion of hydraulic capabilities have increased so drastically that the entire task done now
is far beyond excavation tasks with the use of buckets. The high standard equipments like the
use of grapple are being sold in the excavator market in India. The use of excavator is being
done other than excavation also. The excavators market in India is expanding very vastly.

The excavators are being used together with loaders and bulldozers.
The excavators enable one to do their job in a very less time. The job of number of machines
can be done through the use of excavator only. These machines are being used in the big
industries. Smaller excavators are also been available in the excavator market in India. These
machines are called mini excavator. Excavators are also used for heavy lifts. For lifting the
heavy things these excavators are being used. The excavator functions works through the use
of hydraulic fluid.


Excavators are heavy equipment used in civil works and surface mining. An excavator, also
called a 360-degree excavator or digger, sometimes abbreviated simply to a 360, is an
engineering vehicle consisting of a backhoe and cab mounted on a pivot (turntable is a more
apt description) atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. The term excavator is
sometimes used as a general term for any piece of digging equipment.

Excavators are fun to watch. Look around and you’ll probably notice that most excavators
are on tracks. Wheeled excavators are popular heavy equipment used for mining large
volumes of soil, coal or ore and civil works. All excavators are designed to move large
amounts of soil and earth in a minimal amount of time. Large excavators are useful for
digging foundations and other huge projects, but many times you need a smaller excavator to
handle more delicate jobs. These smaller excavators are also called compact excavators or
min excavators. Mini excavators bring many advantages to a wide range of construction
jobsites. Mini excavators are most often found at work at construction sites in densely
populated urban areas. However, mini excavators can just as easily be spotted in modern
suburbia on a new home construction or remodel site. Another place to spot these versatile
pieces of equipment is on the farm.

Excavators often have attachments, or you can purchase additional attachments to fit the
machinery. Few of the attachments include jackhammers (breakers), shovels, grapples,
augers, etc.. Grapples are similar to claws and are used to grasp objects (trees, stumps, etc..).

Hydraulic Mining Excavators often uses shovels. Finally, augers are similar to a drill bit, and
are used to move materials.

The role of excavators is to dig holes, trenches, and foundations. Excavators use large
machinery with hinge metal buckets, which are often attached to hydraulic arms, while using
the equipment to move heavy or bulky quantities of soil or earth. In addition, excavators are
used in demolition, general landscaping, grading, heavy lifting, laying pipes, river dredging,

mining, open-pit mining, brush cutting, etc. Brush cutting is possible when operators use
hydraulic attachments.

Roles of Excavators
Excavators are used in many roles:
1- Digging of trenches, holes, foundations
2- Demolition
3- General grading/landscaping
4- Heavy lift, e.g. lifting and placing of pipes
5- River dredging
6- Mining, especially, but not only open-pit mining
7- Brush cutting with hydraulic attachments.

Types of Excavators
1- Compact excavator (Mini Excavator)
2- Dragline excavator
3- Bucket-wheel excavator
4- Long-reach excavator
5- long front excavator
6- Hydraulic excavator (Hydro excavator)